Fauci, Ben Franklin, and the One Big Question

Those face masks, the ultimate symbol of control and subservience, are making a comeback – although they never really went away. Did they ever work? Of course not – and that was always known by anyone who attended at least one school biology class.

It is human nature to become skeptical when one hears a person offer advice on any given subject, only to advise the opposite just a week or two later and then, after another short time, repeat the guidance they initially gave. Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci appears to be almost entirely immune to skepticism in the halls of power and most of the nation’s newsrooms. Despite admitting in an email that most of the masks people wore for the last year or so are not effective barriers against COVID-19, Fauci is once again saying that people should wear masks – even those who are vaccinated against the virus. Not so long ago, it should also be remembered; the doctor assured recipients of the vaccine that masks were not necessary for them in most situations.

Despite an avalanche of pro-vaccine propaganda, the very fact that health officials are discussing the possibility of mandating masks even for the vaccinated is pretty solid evidence that these hastily developed and unapproved vaccines are not entirely effective. So, why would anyone in their right mind get the jab if there remains a relatively strong possibility that one can still contract the virus?

This isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s not science at all. Modern society, alas, has entered the realm of the irrational. If masks were as effective as the American public had been led to believe, then why would anyone need to get vaccinated? And if the vaccines are as effective as people have been told, then why would any vaccinated person need to wear a mask?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has become the Keystone Cops of the health care world. As sad as it is, a great many Americans will continue to chase their tails in one direction and then the other, as decreed by Fauci and the rest of the unelected bureaucrats who have mismanaged the response to this pandemic from day one.

It Will Never be Over Until We End It

There are those people – this author among them – who realized very early that the virus scare-a-thon was going to continue for years, if not forever. At some point in the future, no doubt, the medical geniuses running the show will declare that, because of their advice and vaccines, the threat from the Delta variant of COVID-19 has abated. Yet by that time, another variant will already have replaced it as the new threat. The masking of America will go on, and Big Pharma will continue to wallow in cash as it is called upon to develop new vaccines and booster shots, to which all Americans will be threatened and bullied into submitting.

Probably the most over-quoted and least-followed piece of advice was handed down to us by Benjamin Franklin, who wrote: “They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.” Countless other statesmen and thinkers throughout history have expressed this same sentiment; that rulers and political leaders will always look for ways to deny ordinary people their freedom in the name of protecting them or doing what is best for them.

What these great men and women warned of is happening today, right now, here in America and across the world.

Natural herd immunity is, and will always be, the most effective way to deal with COVID-19 and its endless variants. This fact is being denied, though, probably because herd immunity is not profitable. It is, for many people, a difficult thing to withstand a never-ending stream of anger, criticism, and ridicule for one’s refusal to blindly accept whatever trend or narrative is fashionable at any given time. At some point, for the sake of sanity and the sake of liberty, every American must ask themselves this question:

Is enduring the constant scorn of those who are unable to think for themselves a worthwhile price to pay for living as a free person, or should I succumb to that scorn and dutifully line up, every year or two, for my vaccine – and be muzzled, literally and figuratively, for the rest of my life?

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