Hunter Biden’s Art Racket Has a Chinese Connection

For all the years Joe Biden has been in politics, he has managed to remain remarkably scandal-free. That does not mean he has always kept his hands clean, but immoral, unethical, and criminal activities only become “scandalous” once they are publicly known. Questionable political shenanigans aside, Biden has never had his name publicly linked to a serious scandal – at least not until he became a 2020 presidential candidate. Since then, the shady activities of his wayward son, Hunter, have become well-known and, despite the best efforts of a fawning media, Biden senior is not out of the woods as Hunter’s connections to China remain a serious concern.

Now that Hunter is allegedly a world-renowned artist, a new Chinese association has emerged, raising eyebrows among those who actually take an interest in America’s national security. It seems that Mr. Biden, the members of his party, and a large majority of America’s reporters are not among them.

Embracing China

Georges Berges, the art dealer who now represents Hunter Biden, also has business connections to China, a fact of which he seems quite proud. During a 2015 interview with Resident, a magazine put out by Resident Media, Berges enthusiastically discussed his infatuation with China. He described his belief that the Chinese economy is transforming the global economy. “And that is why I am flying to China again,” the art dealer said, “because I want to further my embrace of the rising China and its indisputable growing influence of contemporary art and that is why my focus these days is mostly on China.”

Joe Biden, back when he was Barack Obama’s vice president, waltzed into China with Hunter in tow. A short time later, the younger Biden, a drug-addled playboy with little knowledge of either China or international finance, landed a multimillion-dollar investment deal with a Chinese bank. There are Wall Street highflyers with international reputations who have for decades tried unsuccessfully to do what Hunter did in the relative blink of an eye. This literally incredible achievement was not the least bit concerning to anyone in America other than conservative journalists and pundits – and former President Donald Trump.

The Racket

These days, the White House insists it has a plan in place to keep Hunter Biden from knowing who is buying his art, but, as Berges has already admitted to CBS News, Hunter has indeed made arrangements to attend exhibitions of his work. Artists simply do not appear at showings of their art without meeting the potential buyers who will also be there.

GettyImages-520756502 Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden (Kris Connor/WireImage)

Since the man who is making money finding buyers for Hunter’s work believes that China is destined to dominate the global art market, it would take an act of supreme cognitive dissonance to discount the certainty that some of his paintings are going to end up in China, or at least in the possession of Chinese nationals. Why is this relevant? Because one would have to be dull-witted indeed to not understand that Hunter Biden is and has been actively profiting off his family name and his father’s position.

The obvious potential scenario here is that Chinese clients – quite possibly with connections to the ruling Communist Party – might pay vastly over-inflated sums of money for Hunter’s artwork in exchange for access to the man who is considered the leader of the Free World.

Frightening Vulnerabilities

Additionally, there is the troubling possibility that if any of Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese have been less than completely legitimate and above board, then Joe Biden, the chief executive, the man with knowledge of or access to all of America’s most sensitive secrets, resources, and capabilities, is wide open to some form of bribery, extortion, or blackmail by the Chinese.

Perhaps, far away from the eyes and ears of the media and the American public – and maybe the administration itself – Intelligence Community leaders and operatives have concerns of their own about the situation and are, at the very least, monitoring it. That, of course, is just wild speculation. But if within the Intelligence Community there are no concerns about the many threads that connect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Chinese Communist Party, then Americans should be afraid. They should be very afraid.

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