The View Lowers Its Audience’s IQ Once Again

Nobody seems to like Vice President Kamala Harris, and the ladies of The View are none too happy about it. After reports of Harris’ plummeting approval rates, the show’s hosts did their best to convince their audience she deserves support. As is often the case, these television personalities attempted to explain the vice president’s apparent unlikability by repeating a familiar refrain commonly used on the left. But there seems to be more to this story.

Joy Behar

Joy Behar

The View Defends Harris

In a recent airing of the show, the hosts of The View discussed Harris’ decline in popularity. Whoopi Goldberg pointed out how Harris has “the lowest approval of any vice president since the ‘70s,” and asked co-host Joy Behar to explain why. The response was rather predictable. “Well, let’s see. What is different about her that we haven’t seen before? What could it be? Oh, that’s right. She’s a woman and she’s black. I almost forgot,” she replied.

Behar complained about the Biden administration getting slammed by Republicans and even folks on the left; she argued the criticism is not deserved since the president has only been in office for eight months. The television personality said:

“I mean, it seems like there’s this bombardment of criticism on her and Biden coming from the right as if they have been in office for four years. They’ve only been there for what? Six months? [counting on fingers] Eight months. Eight months. What are they supposed to do? Change the whole world? Cure – get a cure for cancer? Solve the problem of climate change, deal with immigration? They have been doing immigration. How many presidential years? Other presidents have tried to fix immigration in this country. It’s a very, very hard and trackable problem. That’s what they handed her. So you know what? Back off.”

Of course, one doesn’t have to use Google to determine whether Behar had the same energy for former President Donald Trump when he was eight months into his presidency.

Panel member Sunny Hostin also chimed in and repeated the “everything is bigotry” trope: “Well, it’s not surprising because it is all about race and gender, right? As Joy mentioned. What’s different about this one? What is different about this particular vice president?” Hostin also pointed out negative comments about the vice president’s refusal to visit the southern border, despite being appointed “immigration czar,” and called them examples of “faux outrage.” She seemed to imply the criticism was not sincere because Harris went to the border while serving as California’s attorney general. “They’re claiming there’s a crisis at the border, that she never visited the border. She was the attorney general of California. There are pictures all over the place of Kamala Harris, of the vice president at the border,” she explained. “So that’s sort of much ado about nothing.”

Have They Lost the Plot?

The hosts of The View dutifully employed the Democrats’ usual strategy of using false accusations of bigotry to distract from the real issues. In so doing, they insulted the intelligence of the 2.73 million bored housewives and tortured husbands who watch the program. The reason Americans have soured on Harris has nothing to do with her gender or race – it has to do with her performance on the job.

What these individuals do not wish to acknowledge is the fact that the scrutiny Harris has received – from both Republicans and Democrats – is warranted. Under this administration, the migrant crisis has steadily worsened, with increasing numbers of migrants surging to the border and many others attempting to enter the country illegally. The situation with unaccompanied minors is also becoming more of an issue, and Harris’ purported objective of dealing with the “root causes” of the crisis shows little promise of bearing fruit. The Associated Press recently reported, “the number of children traveling alone who were picked up at the Mexican border by U.S. immigration authorities likely hit an all-time high in July, and the number of people who came in families likely reached its second-highest total on record.”

The bottom line is that the situation at the border has become so severe even the activist media cannot spin it hard enough to persuade the public to cut Harris some slack. The notion Americans cannot clearly see the vice president is failing at her job, and are basing their not-so-positive views on her race and gender, is insulting and ultimately inaccurate. But what else would one expect from a show like The View?

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