Heartlanders Say Hasta La Vista to the Terminator

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Heartlanders love a good flick – one where good triumphs over evil, cops arrest the criminal, and people know their place in the world. However, they also believe folks need to stay in their own lane and stop telling others what’s good for them. Whether it’s wearing a mask or getting the jab, flyover folks are fed up with the unsolicited advice of out-of-touch celebrities – even if it’s the Terminator we’re talking about. Still, there were many “bless his heart” comments for a seemingly confused Biden exiting Marine One whilst returning to the White House.

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Maskless folks have the former governor of California fired up and ready to rant at anyone still inclined to turn an ear in his direction. The former bodybuilder, former husband of Caroline Kennedy, and former chick magnet let fly a few words that sounded treasonous to those between the east and west coasts. Appearing on CNN this past week, Arnold Schwarzenegger got a tad over-heated when discussing the pandemic:

“There is a virus here. It kills people, and the only way we prevent it is: Get vaccinated, wear masks, do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just think about, ‘Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’ No, screw your freedom. You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask.”

Some folks rolled their eyes. Others asked if Arnold was now a Democrat. And the young folks just wanted to know, “who is this guy?”

In the Mile High City, Mike Hammond offered advice on how to win friends and persuade folks: “I am glad you think ‘we should all work together’ while calling fellow Americans schmucks for not doing exactly as you think they should. Choose which side of your mouth to speak out of and stick with it.” That went well.

“More insight from someone who doesn’t live in the real world,” San Antonian Laura Celis grumbled. “Easy to talk about freedom when you’re a multi-millionaire.” And then Louis Romero went there: “I’m sure he’s very familiar with the loss of freedom, given where he’s from.”

From Soddy-Daisy, TN, Michael Huenink opined: “Well Arnold, I think that Hollywood celebrities that want to take my freedoms from me are a bunch of schwanzes.” And we at Liberty Nation will leave that translation up to our readers.

A Befuddled Biden on Display

Joe Biden feature

Joe Biden

A video depicting the leader of the free world seemingly lost on his way from Marine One to the White House went viral this week. It shows President Biden descending the stairs of the whirlybird, issuing a nearly smart salute to the U.S. Marine standing guard, and all looked swimmingly. Then he made a hard left turn, ignoring the assigned and bewildered Secret Service agent, and headed toward the fire truck parked in the circular drive. Agents scrambled and followed discreetly. Then, miraculously, without the use of a cattle prod, the president veered right and was then herded onto the corridor to be let into the residence. Phew. The expressions on the agents’ faces were priceless.

Jan Linton DeBord in Wamego, KS, was worried: “We all know people who have Alzheimer’s and how hard it is to redirect them. Poor old guy just can’t get it right. No way he is leading this country.” But answering DeBord, Kim Acton in Louisville, OH, suggested we remain calm and wait it out: “At this point, considering who’s next in line … our best option is to stick with this empty suit until we can make a correction at the next election.”

Using the handle Steve Blackburn, a Texan educated us: “It’s called ‘WANDERING.’ It’s very common in people with dementia.” But someone finally came forward to advise President Joe Biden on how to navigate such unfamiliar territory. Thank you, Michiganer Jim Boote, for this tip of the day: “It’s the big white house Joe! Try yelling ‘Marco!’”

Hasta luego, patriots.

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