US Evacuation Flights Suspended – Chaos at Airport

Multiple news reports indicate the situation at Kabul International Airport is unraveling rapidly this morning. U.S. ground forces fired shots in the air to gain control of the situation as thousands of desperate Afghanis breached the runways. Reuters is reporting all American evacuation flights have been temporarily suspended, and five people were killed at the airport. No word yet as to whether the casualties were American or Afghanis.

The swiftness in the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban forces has apparently caught the Biden administration unaware. White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki’s voicemail indicates she is on vacation. The president is reported to have spent the weekend at Camp David. Meanwhile, back in Kabul, video footage of Afghans desperately clinging to U.S. aircraft has emerged.

Fox News has obtained a photograph of the U.S. flag that flew over the Embassy in Kabul being airlifted out of the capital city. The Embassy was closed yesterday, and the flag lowered amid the hasty shredding of sensitive documents by American Embassy personnel.

The desperation of the Afghan people is seriously hampering U.S. efforts to evacuate Americans as “crowds converged on the airport seeking to escape, including some clinging to a U.S. military transport plane as it taxied on the runway,” according to Reuters.

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