Not My Job: Business Owners Against Vaccination Requirements

As the Delta variant of COVID sweeps across the nation, local government officials are looking for ways to reduce the spread of the virus. Several states have seen the return of mask mandates and others are likely to follow suit. Lawmakers, such as in New York and Washington state, have even gone so far as to force certain employees to choose between COVID vaccines and their jobs. On August 17, New York City mandated that restaurants and gyms check guests to make sure they have the vaccinations, and business owners are fighting back.

The consensus among small business owners seems to be that it’s not their place to enforce vaccine mandates. Stratis Morfogen, the principal director of operations for Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, told The Epoch Times:

“I can’t tell people to put something into their body. I can advise them on what food and drink they can have and protect the safety of my product, but I can’t tell a pregnant woman, ‘you can’t come into my restaurant tonight because you’re not vaccinated,’ or I can’t tell someone that has a religious belief, who doesn’t want to take the vaccine for religious standards. It’s not my job to do that.”

Small Business Targeted

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If the past year has shown people anything, it’s that the government can and will use its power to shut down businesses and the fear of it happening again is driving a lot of employers – those who were able to survive months of closed doors. T.J. Provenzano, manager of Rosella restaurant in Manhattan, said, “We don’t want to get shut down again, I’ll tell you that much. But I certainly don’t want to be the enforcer of city and state law.” He added, “If there’s a law made and if that’s the way they would like it to be, then let them figure out how to enforce it. Why is it my responsibility?”

Small business owners feel as though they are once again being targeted. While big-name stores were allowed to stay open for business during the lockdowns, small, locally owned restaurants, bars, and specialty stores had to close shop. Morfogen addressed this as well, asking:

“My question is, why aren’t they doing this at Home Depot, why aren’t they doing this at CVS, why aren’t they doing this at Stop & Shop? Why are they picking on the only place that people can congregate and have the lowest infection rate?”

Will the big guys be held to the same level of responsibility as the mom-and-pop operations? And if so, how will they enforce it? An employee standing guard checking vaccine cards at the door, perhaps? What about those who will not get the vaccination, for whatever reason? Aside from political disagreements, religious convictions, health concerns, or fear of a new drug with unknown long-term effects are legitimate reasons for being hesitant.

The private sector is also suffering a general shortage of employees. The unvaccinated who will not be getting the jab for prosperity could very well find themselves out of a job, which will further hurt business owners. Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) has gone so far as to say that if a person loses their job because they will not get the COVID shot, they will not qualify for unemployment benefits.

What will happen to these businesses that are forced to police their patrons for proof of COVID vaccination? Through no fault of their own, employers will lose business because the unvaccinated will not be allowed through the doors and will likely seek other counties or cities where the rules are not so strict.

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