Biden’s Got Your Back Taiwan

With “friends” like these…

If Sleepy Joe Biden is cognitively challenged, has dementia, or is otherwise too old for the job, he needs to be removed. If Joe is making the major gaffes intentionally, then he’s a traitor and needs to be removed.

I think it’s a combination of both—Biden is both demented and a traitor.

Traitor Joe seems to be doing the bidding of China. Joe opened our borders to whomever wants to wander in—and who knows how many gang members and terrorists are already in America just waiting to wreak havoc. Joe has weakened our military with the destructive ‘wokeism’ as well as insisting that all troops receive unsafe and ineffective injections for the virus.

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Joe turned over billions of military equipment to the Taliban and even groveled to them. Joe has backstabbed Afghans who have helped us as well as the rest of our allies. Joe is intentionally destroying America’s reputation. Such weakness benefits China. Biden is encouraging more attacks against us.

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The Chinese communists must see this as an opportune time to attack Taiwan, and backstabber Joe might even help, rather than hinder such an invasion.

— Ben Garrison 

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Ben Garrison

Ben Garrison is an independent self funded political cartoonist drawing politically incorrect cartoons the mainstream media won’t run. Ben supports the Constitution and the 2nd amendment and stands up for freedom of speech. Ben Garrison cartoons have been shared on social media by millions of people around the world.

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