The People Speak, and Joe Biden Hits Rock Bottom

We knew things were headed south for Joe Biden. By now, few are unaware of his shameful exit from Afghanistan and the outrage now emanating even from within his own White House. But this repulsive episode may turn out to be just the final nail in what increasingly looks like a self-constructed political coffin.

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Indeed, Afghanistan hardly represents the entire picture of Biden’s precipitous decline. We have all been sickened by the putrid spectacle of America’s humiliation on the world stage, the Taliban dancing on America’s grave, and word that this president instructed the former Afghan president to participate in an impeachment-worthy lie that would turn the withdrawal into a catastrophe. But lest we forget – and the voters apparently haven’t – this comes on the heels of a raging border crisis (“we’re going to lose … unsustainable,” according to Biden’s own DHS director), inflation soaring by more than 100% since Biden took office, crime continuing to surge throughout urban America, increasingly incoherent federal management of the on-again, off-again pandemic, and cratering confidence in this president’s handling of the economy.

Yes, we knew this administration was under siege. But we didn’t think things had gotten this bad. Just how bad is it? Well, if even 30% of Americans wanted a president to resign after just seven months in office, that would be surprising. Forty percent would be stunning. But things have gone so far off the rails for Joe Biden that a majority of Americans favor his resignation, according to a shock poll just released from the reliable Rasmussen Reports.

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As 52% of those surveyed (margin of error +/- 3 points), including 48% of independents, call for this president to step down, the millions who foresaw and forewarned of the disaster that is the Joe Biden presidency may see this as some measure of redemption. But more importantly, one has to wonder what those reported 81 million people who pulled the lever for this fading relic are thinking right about now. Those voters were evidently so ill-disposed to Trump’s persona that they chose to ignore or wish away the many warning signs of a candidate who was sheltered as never before, a man who was not all there, incoherent, in conspicuous decline. How important is Trump’s personality looking to these Biden voters now?

But it only gets worse. Resignation was always thought to be a live possibility for Biden. He was merely a vehicle to take down Trump, and as an ancient white male in a party given over to intersectionality, the plan for the 2020 election appeared clear. Put him up as the front man, the white lawn jockey for a woke party, the “moderate” stick figure to hide their rampant radicalism, then once his usefulness runs out, cast him aside for the exquisitely credentialed Kamala Harris.

And that is where things get even more dicey for the Democrats. The woman who would ascend to the presidency in the event Biden resigns did a swan dive out of the gate in her own presidential run, before being resuscitated by Biden because of her race and gender. And she is now viewed in just as unfavorable a light as this president. Well over half – 58% – of the 1,000 U.S. likely voters surveyed consider Harris unqualified to assume the duties of the presidency, including 47% who say she is not at all qualified. Curiously, women are less confident than men that Harris is equal to the task of being president.

With a disgraced president and broadly unpopular vice-president seen as unqualified for the highest office in the land, where the hell do the Democrats go from here? Since they also control both houses of Congress, one might expect to hear from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and/or Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Don’t hold your breath. The Senate majority leader and speaker of the House have remained on the sidelines, conspicuously silent and fearing for their hyper-aggressive left-wing agenda as their president gets hammered from all sides day after day. They know that any public appearance by either one will spark immediate questions about impeachment or resignation. They can only hope for this metastasizing scandal to slowly recede from the headlines so they can resume normal operations on Capitol Hill.

And so, with this stunning poll confirming that the rope is tightening around his neck, this president has left his fellow Democrats twisting in the wind, facing a midterm election whose declining prospects are sending shockwaves across the party. They are reaping what they have sown, paying the price for their cynical decision to put forward a presidential candidate everyone knew was long past his prime and a running mate equally out of her depth, both chosen strictly for appearances. Should they now be surprised when the resulting litany of failures comes back to haunt them?

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