The Secret Life of Dr. Jill Biden

If you want to attend one of Jill Biden’s courses at Northern Virginia Community College, you had better learn how to read between the lines. Alternatively, you could simply continue reading here and discover the signs and symbols to crack the code. It is no secret, however, that Dr. Jill, as she is affectionately known, is the darling of media elites, and her decision to work – gasp – while being first lady has her lauded as nothing less than the second coming of Susan B. Anthony.

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According to The College Fix, which studiously did its homework, a contract exists between Mrs. Biden and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). She’ll make close to $86,000 to teach four courses for the 2021-22 academic year. The first lady will enjoy the rank of professor of English, which includes a class in English Composition and another in Composition Readiness, which appears to be a type of remedial course.

And the Password Is …

Want to take a class from the first lady? Then you’ll need to know the password. Her courses are listed in the NOVA catalog under the name “Tracy J.” instead of Dr. Jill Biden – a likely reference to her little-known full name, Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden. Or one could simply go with the moniker her students like to use – “Dr. B.” However, this not-so-secret riddle is secondary to the astonishing fact that the wife of a president in 2021 has a part-time job.

Will wonders never cease?

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Jill Biden
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Breathlessly reporting this stupefying news, a prominent Washington newspaper fawned over the first lady’s employment beneath the headline, “Jill Biden returns to the classroom, live and in-person,” followed by the stunning revelation that she is “the first first lady to maintain a full-time job outside the East Wing.” Soon, she’ll have another nonpareil under her belt as “the only first lady to teach a hybrid-learning community college class in the midst of a terrifying surge in a raging global pandemic.”

All hail, Dr. Jill.

Such courage and fortitude – to teach a classroom of 18 students in person – the world has never seen. This is not to denigrate Mrs. Biden’s decision to show up and teach a couple of classes at a local community college. However, the level the establishment media is willing to go to prop up the first lady as a shining city on a hill when thousands of women are doing the same is quite nauseating. But it is not nearly as revolting as what is written about the first lady in the fashion rags.

Vogue’s Bouquet to the Queen

Dr. Jill graced the cover of Vogue Magazine in August with an article and photos attached in an astounding sycophant sop; even those on the left had trouble holding a straight face. Author Robin Givhan opined from the pages of a prominent Washington newspaper:

“The story, written by Jonathan Van Meter, is a fashion love song and a political treatise. In every turn of phrase, every admiring riff, there’s a subtle excoriation of the previous administration and an unsubtle mash note to the current one. Vogue has a crush on Biden, but her predecessor was never photographed for the magazine during her tenure in the White House.”

Vogue has long been considered, if not the bible of fashion, at least one of the few top-tier epistles in the rag industry. Thus, it is inexplicable that it would not offer up even one minuscule sidebar article on the former first lady who was, after all, a highly regarded fashion model. Instead, the periodical turned its well-coiffed nose up on Mrs. Trump, as Givhan explained:

“The former first lady was never acknowledged by an industry that still has the capacity to set beauty standards, validate gender norms, underscore feminine power, document fame and sate the ego with a portrait sitting that makes one look really, really pretty for the public record.”

Givhan concluded with a damning dénouement: “They ignored her. They declared her irrelevant. This was quite possibly an even more profound insult.”

Undeniably, Melania Trump was despised and excoriated by the national media over and again. These vicious and relentless attacks were heaped upon a woman simply because of her husband’s politics. Unable to conceal their distaste for who she chose to marry, Melania Trump was denigrated for her clothing, good works, and everything in between. It was, in fact, a shameless and quite sexist – if we want to be honest – portrait of the former first lady.

The leftist media appears incapable of separating a woman from her husband’s politics. She cannot be taken for who she is, what she accomplishes, or even something as simple as what she wears. This extreme chauvinistic prejudice exposes the leftist media’s feminist behavior as more than mere hypocrisy: It carries the stench of fraudulence.

That the legacy media would engage in such petty behavior is not exactly a divine revelation, but then neither is Dr. Jill’s ability to hold a part-time job teaching at a community college evidence of the Second Coming.

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