In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

It’s hammer time!

Our once great nation is crumbling. In nine short months the illegitimate Biden administration has overseen one failure after another. No one can fail like Biden. Even Prezzy Obama warned us.

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.”

Well, heck of a job there Brownie, er Biden. Biden is doing China’s bidding and China’s bidding is to weaken and collapse the USA from within.

Things are not looking bright at this moment, but consider the light at the end of the tunnel.  People who never gave a thought about politics and went through life sleeping are being nudged awake. Actually they are being forcefully shaken awake. Their eyes are open and they are realizing they have been tricked and lied to for decades.


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What can we do to help wake people up?

What we have been doing, telling the truth, presenting the evidence and like an approaching glacier, keep grinding away at them. We must have forensic audits of the states, hopefully all elections at the state and federal level. The Swamp is vast and deeper than anyone knew.

We must call out and expose the fake news media and expose their gaslighting and lies. The Rolling Stone story about the Oklahoma gun shot victims lining up outside because the hospitals were full of people that overdosed on “horse drug” ivermectin was a recent example.

The liars at RS are so stupid they used a photo taken in January with people dressed in winter clothing and claimed it was August.  The doctor they used at the hospital as their source had not worked there in two months and even the hospital got involved and said the story was not true.

More please, expose and ridicule the liars.

This is a national emergency of epic proportions, if China’s puppet Biden and his communist administration is allowed to continue we will not have a country at the end of his fraudulent term.

It’s time to “break glass in case of emergency” and restore President Trump to his rightful position as president.

America, it’s hammer time.


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Ben Garrison

Ben Garrison is an independent self funded political cartoonist drawing politically incorrect cartoons the mainstream media won’t run. Ben supports the Constitution and the 2nd amendment and stands up for freedom of speech. Ben Garrison cartoons have been shared on social media by millions of people around the world.

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