MSNBC Goes Full Woke For 9/11

It has been 20 years since 19 radical Islamic terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda killed almost 3,000 Americans after they flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The nation recently commemorated the anniversary of the attacks by reflecting on the lives lost and its impact on America and the rest of the world.

However, some of the woke crowd thought it appropriate to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 by using it to remind everyone how bigoted America is. On MSNBC, media activists demonstrated how non-bigoted they are by decrying that Muslim-Americans were subjected to physical and verbal assaults after the terrorist attacks.

New York City Commemorates 20th Anniversary Of 9/11 Terror Attacks

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MSNBC’s Islam Obsession

In a September 9 episode of “Hallie Jackson Reports,” media activists highlighted anti-Muslim bigotry that took place in the wake of the terror attacks. Anchors Hallie Jackson and Yasmin Vossoughian discussed how this impacted Muslims in America.

Vossoughian, who recently spoke with a group of Muslim Americans about the aftermath of 9/11, noted they remember experiencing “intense Islamophobia and fear and scrutiny.” They played a clip of various Muslim Americans talking about their experiences with bigoted people attacking them for their religion.

Afterward, Vossoughian continued: “Hallie, we talked about Islamophobia that has increased over the last 20 years. I asked them point-blank if they feel like Islamophobia has increased, they all said yes. And they feel like it is important for their stories to be told, to talk about what is happening.”

Later in the day, MSNBC media activist Ayman Mohyeldin brought Vossoughian on her show to continue the discussion on Islamophobia after 9/11. During the discussion, she said:

“It really was a turning point for so many people across this country and across the world for so many different reasons. Obviously being so tragic, the downfall of the towers and the lives lost there. But for these American Muslims, they had a very different experience in that they’re safety and security in their own communities, the questioning of who they were and what they stood for were coming into question in this country with the rise of Islamophobia because of the Twin Towers and the loss there.”

The anchor also insisted that with the “debate over the teachings of Critical Race Theory in schools” and “the rising up of the Black Lives Matter movement” people are now encouraged to discuss issues like racism and Islamophobia.

Bad Timing?

The anchors were accurate when they pointed out the anti-Muslim sentiment that arose after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There was a marked increase in physical assaults on Muslims in America. Still, the commemoration of 9/11 should have been used to remember the tragedy the country endured on that day. Using the terror attacks to push the typical “America hates brown people” narrative isn’t exactly the best way to address the anniversary. But what else would one expect from a media activist outlet like MSNBC?

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